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To keep track of their investigation, each player receives a Deduction sheet (a pad of 100 comes with each game) that can be hidden inside their character's Ticket wallet. Players should develop a notation method that clearly differentiates Crime elements that have been seen either once or twice; and that tracks who owns a card during a given turn.

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Since there are identical copies of each Crime card, players need to keep track of each cards' whereabouts.
To facilitate this, any card that a player shows or receives during a turn is then placed face-down in front of him in a discard pile. This ensures that if you see the same Crime element again that turn, you know it is a different card. Once the turn ends, the players return the cards from this discard pile into their hand.

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Not all the Crime Cards are distributed at the beginning of the journey. Those not dealt to the players (or the Conductor) are designated for two sets of new passengers that come aboard first in Strasbourg and then Wien.

Players who visit the Club Car can draw cards from these passenger spots on the board, but only after the train has reached each respective city.

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Once the train reaches Budapest, each player can send out an important wire containing their current suspicions. They write down the crime elements they have already deduced on their Telegram Notepad. These suspicions are used as a tie-breaker at the end of the game. For each Crime Element they get right, they earn a point; but any incorrect deductions will lose a point, so you better be sure of yourself!

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When the Mystery Express reaches Istanbul, each player writes down their final conclusions on their Deduction sheet. The tension mounts as the hidden Crime cards are revealed one by one. The player who correctly identifies the Motive, Location, Modus Operandi, Suspect and Time of the crime is the winner.
If no one gets all five correct, the player with the highest number of correct Crime Elements wins!